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Massage for the body and soul

Partial massages

Special massages

Partial massages

Treatment of specific areas of the body that have disorders through the massaging of specific areas (back and neck or legs and feet).

Duration: about 25 min. € 42, -

Alpine Massage

With Alpienne massage oel derived from natural products.

Arnica massage milk with rosemary and citronella : promotes blood flow, has a cooling effect, increases performance and helps with muscle reactivity.

St. John's Wort oil with chamomile and orange: relieves fatigue, fights insomnia and nervous disorders.

Murmeloel with loobeer:  promotes blood flow, rejuvenates skin cells, relieves muscle cramps and strengthens the immune system.

Partial massage duration: about 25 min. € 48,-

Full massage duration: about 50 min. € 66, -

Head and neck massage

Reduces stress and relieves tension!

Duration: about 25 min. € 42, -

Revitalizing back massage

Focal points: back, neck, shoulders and arms. Stimulates blood flow, rejuvenates the skin, relieves tension and muscle cramps and strengthens the immune system. The entire body is massaged with Alpienne palmseed oil.

Duration: about 25 min € 46, -

Footbath and foot massage

Invigorating herbal footbath followed by a stimulating massage with various Alpienne creams.

Duration: about 25 min € 42, -

Herbal foot bath

In a traditional pinewood bowl with pinewood rasp, ending with a reflexology massage.

Duration: about 55 min. € 65.-

Reflexology massage

Different areas of the body and different energy points are activated. With acupuncture on the sole of the foot the critical parts of the body are stimulated. Effects: stimulates blood flow, helps the smooth functioning of the organs and reactivates blocked vital energy.

Duration: about 50 min. € 62, -

Colon Massage

For many years, everything works fine and then suddenly the intestine slows down. Because of hyperacidity and saturation, this huge muscle, the digestion engine, isn't working at its best anymore. The end result: intestinal problems and a wide variety of issues. The colon massage is performed in sync with breathing movements. This way,abdominal breathing is encouraged, rhythmic pressure in the abdomenis increased, blood flow and lymphatic circulation are stimulated and the intestine returns to work smoothly.

Duration: about 25 min. € 46, -

Segment massage

The segment massage is a reflexology massage on the spine. Each organ corresponds to specific points on other parts of the body, and this spine massage stimulates the organs to react and loosen tense areas.

Duration: about 50 min. € 65, -

Lymphatic draining massage

Lymphatic draining massage is a variation of the classic massage. However it is not applied to loosen and relax the muscles, but to promote drainage of lymphatic fluid from body tissues.

Duration: about 50 min. € 72, -

Lymphatic draining massage for legs: Duration about 25 min. € 42, -

Tibetan massage

Bowls of different sizes are applied on the body and different sound vibrations are produced. The parts of the body that are initially blocked are stimulated with a rhythm of different external frequencies and are eventually restored to their natural harmonic frequency. The slight vibrations created by the movement of sticks reach all the muscles and cells, and the whole body is freed from tension. This promotes inner harmony and energy recovery. The massage also strengthens the immune system.

Duration: about 50 min. € 72, -


Thanks to this special massage that involves the use of St.John's Wort oil, the spine is stretched, in particular, and its discs are rejuvenated. St. John's Wort oil is used to relax the nerves, relieve pain and tension, heal injuries, and reduce inflammation and swelling. The "Breuss" massage is also generally relaxing and has a calming and beneficial effect on body, mind and soul.

Duration: about 50 min. € 74.-

Total Body Massages

Massage-Highlights & Ayurveda

Total massage classic

With the help of various massage techniques, the problem areas of your body are treated. This massage leads to a complete relaxation and alleviates disturbances caused by stress.

Duration: about 50 min. € 62,-

Vital Stone Massage

The Vitalstone massage according Dr. Vitalis with hot basalt stones and precious essential oils leads to relaxation. It gives a sense of complete harmony after periods of strong physical and emotional stress and opens the door to a new life and inner balance.

Duration: about 75 min. € 89, -

Relaxing massage with essential oils

The targeted areas are massaged by expert hands with warm essential oils for a deeply relaxing effect.

Duration: about 50 min. € 62, -

Lomi Lomi Nui

"The Queen of massages"

This is the millennial treatment that promotes deep physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. This ancient Hawaiian massage dates back to 5000 years ago and with energetic movements it loosens tense muscles and frees emotional blocks. The peculiarity of this massage is that it is not massaged only with the hands but also with the forearms.

Duration: 50 min. massage while laying on side € 85, -

Duration: 120 min. with footbath and relaxation € 135, -

Abhyanga / complete body Ayurveda massage

This massage has an invigorating and rejuvenating effect and promotes inner harmony.

Duration: about 100 min. € 115, -

Phadia - Abhyanga / Ayurvedic leg and foot massage

Enjoy this extremely useful treatment that has a revitalizing and toning effect on the whole body.

Duration: about 50 min. € 62, -

Muka - Abhyanga / Ayurvedic massage

The Ayurvedic head and face massage relieves and prevents headaches. It also improves skin elasticity and especially helps fight stress and relieve tension.

Duration: about 50 min. € 62, -

Shirodhara / Stirnölguss Ayurvedic

In combination with an Ayurvedic massage.

Duration: about 20 min. € 55, -