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Feel-good packages for HIM and for HER

Wellness rituals: peeling, packings
and (Sissi-) Bath


Alpienne Peeling 

Revitalizing body peeling
Natural salt peeling, arnica an rosemary

Clarifying body peeling
Natural salt peeling, St. John’s Wort and Biopir

Rebalancing body peeling
Natural salt peeling, honey and Swiss stone pine

Duration: about 25 min. € 48, -

Baths with Alpienne

Pur Spa “sensitive" bath foam
Calendula with lemon balm and wild mallow

Pur Spa relaxing bath foam
Alpine honey with Swiss pine and mullein

Pur Spa revitalizing bath
Hay flowers with dandelion and nettle

Duration: about 25 min. € 32, -

Relaxing package

Body peeling and bath (of your choice)

Duration approx. 50 min. € 72,-

Packings in the Vitalis bathtub

Body pack "Repair"

Marmot oil with yellow gentian and wheat bran
Effect: greasing and moisturizing, improving blood circulation.
Perfect for regenerative skin, muscle and joint therapy.

Body pack “detoxification”

Including birch, juniper and wheat bran
Effect: Detoxing and draining, tissue strengthening,
improving blood circulation, stimulating fat burning.

Duration: about 50 min.        € 72, -

Alpienne package:

peeling and body wrap (of your choice)

Duration: about 75 min.        € 108, -



Baths according to Dr. Joseph Vitalis

Alpine Wellness bath: The Sissi bath

Hay bath: relieves fatigue, joint and back pain, purifies the skin and strengthens the mind.

Bath with oil candles and creams: regulates metabolism, nourishing, the skin becomes softer due to the high content of essential Omega 6 fatty acids. A very special beauty bath.

Seaweed bath: Seaweed has a beneficial effect on our basal metabolic rate, it helps eliminate fat. This wrap, rich in vitamin C and iodine, promotes the production of collagen in the tissue. The algae offers vitality and  vigour.

Pine bath: rejuvenating effect after physical activities and sports, relieves muscle and joint pain.

Arnica: toning and antispasmodic action. Suitable for the mountain atmosphere.

Special apple bath Vitalis: nourishing and moisturizing. Regenerating for the skin.

Duration: about 50 min. € 45, -

To be done alone or in couples. The Empress Sissi knew about the beneficial effects of the water gushing from the Verdinser Hof spring. The incredible properties of this water high in iron are known nationally and the so-called "Bauernbadl" is now popular. Its healing effect is widely recognized.

Sissi "ritual" bath - Pure pleasure for two

In the Alpine Wellness Village you can enjoy a delicious Vitaldrink to start. After a cleansing skin peel, you can relax outdoors and soak in the rustic and traditional wooden tub. Take a break and enjoy nature while sipping on a Vitaldrink and eating fresh fruit. Afterwards, you will be pampered with a full body massage of 50 minutes.

Give yourself a present: once you get home, you will remember the wonderful experience of the Sissi bath!

Duration: about 220 min. for 2 people € 380, -

Summer Moonlight Sissi Bath- for special occasions

A special experience for two! In the romantic cave you'll find fresh fruit and sparkling wine, candlelight and stars.

From 16.00 to 19.00 pm.

Duration: about 120 min. for 2 people € 99, -

Also available in the afternoon at 16. pm!