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Opening on 20.05.2021: no quarantine obbligation

Our promise

Vitality in six essential elements!

The challenges of everyday life often take us to the limits of our physical and mental abilities. As a Vitalhotel, our mission is to offer a well structured and effective concept that can adapt to your individual needs and create the ideal conditions for a physical and mental regeneration. A combination of 6 different elements allow you to get your fill of energy and recover your inner balance.

1.Welcome home

From the very first moment you will feel welcome and will experience a feeling of well-being thanks to the warm atmosphere that pervades every corner of the hotel and the unique rooms.

Simply feel comfortable.

2. Taste, but with an eye on health

Healthy eating without sacrifice is the best gift that you could give yourself, adding to your personal well-being.

Wellness from inside.

3. Mental Relaxation

Let behind the bustle of everyday life. Indulge in the pure relaxation on the rooftop terrace, relax in the pine wood of the Alpine Wellness Village, with Yoga and Qigong ...

Let go, learn to listen to the silence and recover new mental energy.

4. Movement in small steps

From hiking in our wonderful mountain paradise in the active programme at Verdinser Hof, including swimming and water aerobics, to the fantastic golf courses nearby... and much more.

Regain vitality.

5. Heat and cold in a game of roles

In the Village Alpine Wellness, awaken and regenerate your senses in different saunas. Also enjoy the alpine thermal baths and wraps with natural essences.

Give a breath of sensitivity back to the body.

6. Rituals wellness

For total relaxation and to regain new energy. Discover the Wellness Vital Residenz rejuvenating body treatments, massages, baths, compresses and wraps.

Pampering for the body and soul, that you will find simply fantastic.